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We are now verified by Constructionline

Orange Projects has received notification that we have been verified by Constructionline, a UK Government certification service.

The service describes itself as the common sense solution for both sides of the tender. This is because it recognises suppliers are asked to fill in application and vetting procedures for each job for which they tender, something which can be hugely time consuming. Similarly, for buyers, going through pre-qualification data and keeping it up to date can be time consuming.

Instead, Constructionline acts as a centralised database for both sides, meaning that suppliers such as ourselves can cut the application process down hugely on the general information which will be required by everyone, such as details about health and safety procedures.

From January 1, 2015, an increasing number of companies who are offering tenders for work now require suppliers to have this registration.

In addition, Constructionline also has 8,000 buyers also using the database, making it a fantastic networking source.

Constructionline is a Public-Private Partnership between Capita and the Department for Business Innovation & Skills.

The Constructionline number for Orange Projects, once a supplier or buyer is logged in, is 160084.

To read the certificate of health and safety accredition which was part of the Constructionline registration process, click here.


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